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Amazon B-School

1.  What is Amazon B-School Coaching Prgram ?

Starting an Amazon business can be time consuming and confusing.  You may stop before you even get started (as many people do).  Our goal is to taek the guess work out of it for you so you can be successful.  Whether you are looking to bring in an extra $500/month or $2,000+, we can help.  When you are successful, we are successful.

Amazon B-School Coaching Program is a six week course to help get your Amazon business up and running quickly - without the guess work!  You will learn from six group coaching classes, video courses, and personal access to me to answer any selling questions.


2. What Is Included with this Program?


  1. Bootstraping Your Amazon Business: You'll received our video on How to Start Your Amazon Business for Almost No Money.  You will receive this course four weeks prior to our first group meeting.  This course will help you start thinking about how you can raise seed money to really ramp up your Amazon business.  ($47 Value)
  2. Amazon B-School DIY: The Amazon B-School DIY Course walks you through how I run my Amazon business.  You'll learn everything you need to get started.  This will be a great resource as you are starting your business. ($197 Value)
  3. Six Week Coaching Program: The group will meet for six weeks to discuss setting up your Amazon business, selling strategies, ideas, and to meet other sellers.  I think it is important to meet other people who are selling on Amazon because you can give each other support and ideas.  
  4. Access To Me:   During the six weeks you'll have access to my email so you can ask me questions about setting up your account, buying decisions, ect.   
  5. Private Facebook Group:   You will be invited to our Private Facebook Group.  The purpose of the group is to help sellers with their business
  6. Money Back Guarantee:   If you determine selling on Amazon FBA is not for you at any time during the first six weeks; you will get all of your money back with no questions asked.  


3. Can I Just Figure this All Out On My Own?

Absolutely!  I started my Amazon business by figuring it all out on my own.   You can find a lot of information on YouTube, Google Searches, and many web sites.  

However, it will take you more time.  I have discovered the people who try to figure out everything on their own have higher failure rates than those who seek help.  Even people who purchase my stand alone courses don't experience nearly as much success as those who I coach.

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4.  Do You Have Your Own Amazon Business?

YES!!!   I started selling on Amazon in April of 2014.  It took me a long time and many errors before I really started to figure things out.  

During my first year selling on Amazon, I sold over $110,000 worth of products at an average of about 35% profit margin (you can do the math on that).  After I figured everything out, I was only working about 5-10 hours a week on the business.  Now I am hooked an regularly earn over $2k/month and work about 10-15 hours a week.  

I am in the trenches with you!  During the training course I will share with you some of the items I am selling, where I shop, and the strategies I use.  Below are my sales for the past 30 days (ending March 31, 2015)



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5. What Are the Risks Associated with Selling on Amazon?

Most Amazon sellers want to paint a picture of Rainbows and Butterflies, but there are some frustrations.  However, the good points outweigh the negatives.  There is zero risk with my course, as I will refund your money anytime during the six weeks if you feel Amazon is not for you.   

Some of the risks with Selling on Amazon include:

- Not being able to sell items you buy 

- Customer returns

- Losing money 

- Not liking the business once you get started

6. How Much Can I Expect to Earn?

Each seller is different.  Some sellers will be able to contribute 20 or 30 hours a week on the business and other may only have 5 hours.  So it really depends on how much time you have, how much you are willing to hustle, and how much money you invest in the business.

If you start with $500 and have 5-7 hours a week to work on the business, I am confident you can make an extra $1,000/month (probably more).   When I was working 5-10 hours a week, I was brining in over $1k/month.  

7. When Do Classes Start?

Our first class will start the week of May 18th.  After registration closes, I will try to create day of the week and time that works for everyone.  

8.  How Many People Can Join the Course?

We are limiting the class to 25 students.

9.  Do You Offer Private Coaching? 

Yes!  My standard rate is expensive, so this course was designed to make it more affordable.

I charge $97/hour of coaching on Amazon and that does not include any access to videos or training courses I have created.

10. Can You Have a Full-Time Job and Still Start this Business?

Absolutely!  I still have a full-time job (which I love), but this is my own business.  It is a great experience being a business owner and I love doing this on the side!

You can make a lot of extra money and give your family a peace of mind!  We have been able to save more and worry less with the money we have generated from Amazon.

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