Annoying Dad

How to Pull a Tooth (with a Bike)

Sometimes big issues arise when you have a family. For example, my son had a very loose tooth last week.  He wanted it out, but he didn’t me to pull it. After some serious family thought, we came up with this brilliant idea.  Instead of me explaining, please watch the video below instead. There was […]

Fall in love again

Fall In Love Again

Having a good marriage takes effort. It is not something that you can just sit back and hope everything works out for the best. The best marriages just don’t happen because a couple fell in love once. Great marriages happen because two people fall in love over and over again with each other. Personally, I […]


Stop Chasing Happiness

Happiness is something all parents want. Heck, this is something everyone desires! One thing that keeps many of us from being happy is the fact we are always chasing happiness. Instead of being happy for what we have in life, many of us fall into the we’ll be happy when this happens trap. For some […]

coffee and butter

Butter, Coconut Oil, & Coffee – Oh My!

All the rage lately is putting butter and coconut oil in your coffee.  Personally, I have been doing this for months and LOVE IT. Check out this video I created about how I make my coffee and why put this stuff in my coffee. If you like it, please consider sharing it. There was an […]


3 Reasons to Open a Roth IRA

I was recently asked during a podcast interview “What is Your Favorite Financial Product?”. This question probably wouldn’t excite too many people, but this gave me an opportunity to really geek out. Here are three reasons why you and/or your spouse need a ROTH IRA. (I could have given 50 reasons, but I felt I […]