7 Tips to Ensure Your Child Doesn’t Hate Their Name

Baby names written

Picking out a name for your child is stressful. Many hours and maybe thousands of names are thrown around before a final decision is made. What amazes me is after hours of deliberation, many parents still pick out horrible names for their children. Names that will embarrass them for the rest of their lives or […]

Time is Going to Happen…

Enter To Win Concept

Win a $15 iTunes Gift Card…just read and follow the instructions below: Yesterday, I was listening to a podcast with Tony Robbins (he is a personal development guru) and he stated, “Time is going to happen…what are you going to do with it?”. So today, I thought I would make this post simple and turn […]

Adrian Peterson Got What He Deserved

Adrian Peterson Got What He Deserved

Discipline is a constant debate among parenting experts, but I think we can all agree what Adrian Peterson (AP) did to his son was wrong. Additionally, I think we can all agree that his suspension for the remainder of the year and a loss of over three million dollars is a good punishment. In case […]

Parents Most Important Responsibility

Parents Most Important Responsibility

Parents have numerous responsibilities, but there is one responsibility we have that is far more important than all the others. I know you are trying to figure it out. Your mind is moving…do you know yet? Maybe you think it is protecting our children. Maybe you think it is taking care of their basic needs […]

6 Podcasts You Need to Listen to Now


Podcasts have changed my life. You may think I am crazy, but they have helped change the way I think, the way I learn, and they way I live my life. The first podcast I remember listening to was 48 Days. It was at a point in my life when everything seemed to being going […]