5 Life Skills All Parents Need to Teach Their Children


As a parent, the one thing I am scared I will fail at is teaching my children basic real world skills. The skills that will help them succeed in life. These thoughts have snuck into my head recently because I have been noticing many young adults who totally lack these basic skills. If you walk […]

Things Children Make Complicated

Stuff Parents Like

Do you remember life without children? Although it may be nearly impossible to recall those days, as I look back there are so many things I took for granted because once you have kids the little things in life become complicated. Here are just a few of the things that at one time in my […]

37 Alternatives to Complaining

SPL Truth #51

If you have ever been a parent or had a job, then you have probably complained or fell victim to someone else complaining. Heck, if you ever check Facebook you have read complaints from people who broadcast their complaints because apparently they haven’t complained enough. There is no doubt I have complained before and maybe […]

How Avoiding to Give to ALS Charity Raised Millions


I am a HUGE fan of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (you can see my video here). Unfortunately, I have noticed a number of people on social media and blogs complaining about this awesome phenomena! Even the other day on Facebook I commented on how much I enjoyed the Ice Bucket Challenge and what a […]

5 Ways for Parents to Get More Time in Their Day


As parents, our time is scarce. Between managing children, marriages, careers, household finances, and reality television; we barely have time for anything else. So where do we find the time to accomplish what we really want out of life? Whether you want to lose weight, change careers, or start your own business, I believe you […]