Creative Art by Cherie

Creative Art by Cherie

Every so often I want to promote some awesome work that parents  are doing.  I hope you enjoy and check this out. Many of us look for great art work. However, many times we purchase reprints and our houses begin to look like a page out of the Pottery Barn. Today I want to introduce […]

Opinions Aren’t Worth the Hassle

Opinions Don't Matter

We have all been there. We want to win that argument. Prove to others they are wrong. Let everyone know our opinions are right! Many times in an attempt to prove we are right, we become egotistical, rude, and don’t stop until we have pissed off people. After you have proven your opinion you may […]

How a Side Hustle Can Change Your Financial Future

Side Income

Did you know, according to a survey, more than 1/3 of working adults have saved NO money for retirement? If this isn’t alarming it should because we don’t have the luxury of experiencing our grandpa’s retirement! When your grandparents retired they typically received a pension plus social security. That’s in addition to any savings […]

Investment Fees May Be Killing Your Returns

Investment Fees

Did you know the fees you pay for your investments can cost you more than 50% of your potential returns? These fees can delay your goals by decades. Most people who utilize a bank,a broker, or their company 401(k) plan for their investments don’t realize the impact fees (many times hidden) have on their returns. […]

Elf on the Shelf 2014 Survival Guide


Yes…it is that time of the year again. The creepy, tattle-tailing Elf on the Shelf is back to psychoanalyze our children and report their behavior back to the North Pole. Let’s face it, the Elf is here to help us blackmail our children into behaving! Honestly, the Elf can be exhausting and if you check out […]