3 Halloween Zombie Apps

With Halloween two days away, I thought I would change things up and do a review of some apps my son and I are using this Halloween! Three apps I review are Zombify Me, Zombie My Face Pro, and Zombie Booth.  All of these are free and bring a lot of fun.  We have been […]

5 Ways Parents Sabotage their Retirement

Sabotage Retirements

A goal of most parents is to retire some day.  However, retirement account balances are extremely  low and two-thirds of workers have less than $30,000 saved. If you are looking for that retirement on the beach some day, then you need to stop sabotaging your retirement.  You need to financially grow up and start making […]

4 Steps to Ensure Your Family is Taken Care Of

Estate Planning

This post isn’t the most upbeat, but definitely a must read for any parent. When I was in the financial planning world, one conversation I had with all couples who had children was death. It isn’t a fun discussion, but definitely a must have conversation because most couples won’t discuss the topic on their own. […]

5 Conversations Parents Must Have About Money


The chances of a marriage ending in divorce due to finances is about 45% according to an article by The New York Times. Divorce is sad, but divorce due to finances is something that can totally be prevented. One way to prevent your marriage to end in this manner is to have conversations about money. […]

The Reason Finances are So Confusing

Investment Terms

Do you wonder why so many people don’t want to understand financial planning, investments, and basic money management?  Here is the reason finances are so confusing: If you want to learn more about some of these terms, then keep following along as I try to teach more parents about personal finances.