The New When I Was Your Age List

When I was your age

A few days ago, my son (5 years old) asked me what kind of iPad I had growing up. It was a cute question and funny! I explained to him I didn’t have an iPad growing up because they didn’t exist. I also went on to tell him all of the other things that didn’t […]

How I Plan to Save the World One Parent at a Time

Stuff Parents Like

Saving the world one parent at a time is a difficult challenge, but someone has to do it. Now I don’t intend to put on tights (sorry ladies or I should say you’re welcome ladies), throw a cape around my neck, and save parents from the zombie apocalypse. Although that would be really cool, I […]

Can Parents Still Dream

Once we have children are we still allowed to dream about what we want to do with our life? Or do we always have to make the safe choice? Wow…what a great question. Unfortunately I am not qualified to handle such a topic, but I’m going to anyways! Most of us stop dreaming somewhere between […]

How To Not Be an Annoying Parent

Annoying Dad

If you have ever had a conversation with me, then you know I have probably been an annoying parent at one time or another. Maybe I talked too much about my kids or gave TMI. Whatever it was..I realize I have been that annoying parent. What makes parents annoying? Sometimes it can be just one […]